Bring Health & Wellness to Your Colorado Springs Workplace!

At 42 Klicks, we offer a holistic approach to relieving pain and stress. This increases employee well-being, productivity, morale and retention.

Here’s why your employees need chiropractic care:

Low back pain

  • Physically demanding jobs and sitting for prolonged periods raise the risk of back injuries and strain.
  • Low back pain is a top reason that employees seek primary care.
  • Back pain costs employers $51,400 per 100 employees annually.

Job stress

  • Work-related stress can lead to depression, anxiety, fatigue, tension, cardiovascular disease, substance abuse and memory problems.
  • Stress and musculoskeletal disorders are the top two causes of missed workdays in the U.S.
  • Unanticipated employee absenteeism is estimated to cost American companies $602 per worker per year — or about $3.5 million annually.
Lumbar Intradiscal Pressure Chart

Did You Know? Employees with back pain are absent 4 more days per year than workers without back pain and have the equivalent of 4.4 more days of presenteeism annually.

Source: Integrated Benefits Institute

We Can Help!

Let 42 Klicks Chiropractic offer relief and overall well-being to your employees! We customize our services to every employee’s personal needs. Treatment plans may include chiropractic adjustments, extremity work or soft-tissue mobilization. And because our practice is mobile, we will bring everything to your Colorado workplace!